Al-Shifa Foundation & Blood Bank Mirpur
Time to Think? It is hard today to meet the basics of life and majority of the people are facing great financia crisis and mental distress and in current situation if there is a Thalassaemia Disease present in a home and parents needs to blood transfusion to their child after every 10 to 15 or 20 days then how hard for them to live in these critical moments. We call everyone to come forward and contribute in this great cause of Blood Donation and join our hands and strengthen us to support those families in their trial We pray to Allah to keep us safe from all I( lads of trials and diseases. (Ameen). 

Introduction Of Alshifa Blood Bank

Whenever the word BLOOD-BANK comes into mind, it means an organization where you can get blood during an emergency and blood will be available. Blood is priceless and precious and there is nothing alternate of this. When human body needs blood and the blood is not available so it is obvious that the life will be finished but in this situation the immediate supply of appropriate and screened blood can save a precious life. To further support this cause to save life, the time demanded us to form an organization of this kind to meet the requirements of blood emergencies and we have formed “Al Shifa Blood Bank” in 2008 and our main purpose is to provide appropriate and screened blood and save lives. Al Shifa Blood Bank is a welfare organization and we have the team of competent, devoted and active persons. Since theinception of our organization various people have worked and contributed with our organization and the people including Mirza Shabbir Kanwal, Waseem lqbal, Chaudhary Israr Ahmed, Hafiz Hussnain Ali Shah, Majid Javed Advocate, Raja Nasir has contributed during the formation process and further made it a sustainable organization. Their work and devotion is always highly appreciable and memorable. The role of other team members and contributors is really remarkable.

Can you please listen my story

TI-IALASSEMIA PATIENT I am a child of your land a disease suffering child, a common child with a common story …..can you listen to it ?I am suffering form Thalassemia. Now I got this disease I have no idea at all andl have not adopted this disease by my own will. Not only me but my whole family is going through this hard test from Almighty Allah. But I have a story believe and faith that I will combat against. This disease, and will defeat. This disease trauma of the disease.pain of the disease,Costly disease,Fatal disease,Struggle of life and death man / human himself becomes a hard rock of patience. In this tough journey of time.we have to step forward We have to pass / succeed this test from almighty Allah. In severe shine AI-Shifa Blood Bank is a shady tree Which brought a message of life for us. And a hope to defeat the is a strange. Thing in itself . If we keep thinking almighty Allah, He keeps blessing us mere and more. We should also realize that. Be is the most superior in all aspects and Be knows the best what lies If individuals (male and female] getting married suffering from Thalassemia avoided, and if this couple suffering from Thalassemia get married ,then a prenatal diagnosis is necessary, decision by consulting their doctor.

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